Archaeology of the Bible: The Greatest Discoveries From Genesis to the Roman Era

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From ancient holy places, to buried relics and treasures, the National Geographic reveals the history and archaeological discoveries of Scripture and the Biblical world. Iarch_bible

llustrated and written from an objective and non-national perspective, the author uses Jean-Pierre Isbout’s latest scientific and archaeological discoveries to place biblical stories within the framework of human history. Chapters that begin with the beginning of human civilization and end with the present day and future of archeology, chronicles hundreds of places and artifacts found in Sumer, Babylon, The Second Temple, along the Exodus Route, and in many other regions across the Middle East. Timelines bridges for hundreds of years, and more empires, cards give readers a visual sense of placement, while hundreds of images and illustrations of rare objects and ancient places add the visual splendor. It concludes with details of what to be found and the biblical faith’s evolution in an increasingly scientific world where archeologists make daily breakthroughs.

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