A team of volunteers in Great Britain have discovered a Roman mosaic that promises to be one of the most exciting discovery in years. The volunteers were part of a dig by Cotswold Archaeology, and have been working in the Berkshire area for the past five digging seasons.

The mosaic dates to the 4th century AD and features the Greek hero Bellephron. Bellephron mythological hero from Homer’s the Odyssey, and in this mosaic shown riding a Pegasus and attacking a Chimera, a fire breathing dragon.

The team of 50 plus volunteers were assisted by professional archaeologists and funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund have made interesting discovering from the Roman period of Great Britain. This includes a villa and a farmhouse. Classical art expert Anthony Beeson described the find as “the most exciting discovery in the last fifty years.”

The mosaic was discovered in the final two weeks of the project, and volunteers are hoping to raise money to continue digging in the Berkshire area.

via ‘Most exciting Roman mosaic for 50-years’ is discovered during community dig in Berkshire

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