A massive tomb dating to 1,400 BCE has recently been discovered in Orchomenos, Greece.

The tomb apparently belonged to a middle-aged man. It measures nearly 138 square feet in size, making it one of the largest tombs that has been discovered by archeologists in Greece. In the tomb itself there were discovered jewellery and seals, unusual for a man to be buried with those items. To date, only jewellery has  only been found in tombs belonging to women.

Orchomenos is considered a major site for Greek archeology. Prehistorical settlements have been found in the area dating to 3,200 BCE, in the Early Bronze and Neolithic ages. In its prime, Orchomenos was a major city in Mycenaean civilization, listed in Homer’s Iliad as contributing troops and ships to the Trojan War.

via Ancient Greece: Massive Tomb Holding Treasure and Mysterious 3,400-year-old Body Uncovered

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