The Navy has announced that they are surveying a sunken vessel south of Long Island.

The San Diego was sunk during World War I while travelling from Portsmouth NH, to New York. During the war, the cruiser escorted convoys in the North Atlantic, to prevent attacks from the Germany Navy.

Part of the survey will be focused on determining what caused the ship to sink. While the sinking was attributed to a torpedo from the German submarine the U-156, there has been some doubt about this. Others have suggested that it was a mine planted by the same submarine. Others have also claimed that a German spy, Kurt Jahnke planted a bomb to sink the ship. The latter claim has been widely disputed.

The San Diego was sunk on July 19th, 1918. Researches are surveying the wreck to hopefully have information to present on the 100th anniversary of the sinking.

via Navy Announces Plan To Survey Wreck Site Off Long Island Coast – Long Island Weekly

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