A protohistoric clay jar discovered in the Jordan Valley has made archeologists re-examine the development of human societies in the ancient Near East.

The jar is decorated with red balls, and to date, archeologists can find no comparable jar from any period in the near East. Give the decorative nature, archeologists believe that this jar was not just used to simply store wheat and barley, but may have head some sort of religious significance. Along with the pot, there were ritual figurines, and the jar dates to approximately 7,200 years ago.

The settlement of Tel Tsaf has been under excavation since 2013 by the current team lead by Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Florian Klimsha, a joint project of between the University of Haifa and the German Archaeological Institute. The current excavation has also discovered long distance trade and early mudbrick architecture, which suggests a complex societal development was underway.

The discoveries were published in the August edition of Antiquity magazine.

Via The Times of Israel

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