A four hundred year old war ship has been rediscovered in Stockholm.

The Scepter was built in 1615 to serve King Gustav the second’s fleet. It was part of naval affairs, during Gustav Adophus’ reign. In 1639, she was sunk to help build the foundations of a new shipyard.

The Scepter was found on an Islet within the heart of Stockholm. During it’s time it saw plenty of battles as it’s building occurred during the Thirty Years War period. Sweden grew during this period from a regional power to a European empire, with an important say in world affairs.

Unlike the popular find of the Vassa shipwreck, there are no plans to make the Scepter into a tourist attraction. Instead, marine archaeologist Jim Hansson says that instead they will focus carefully on documenting the ship, and anything else that is found at the site.

via Swedish King’s ‘forgotten’ 17th-century warship found in central Stockholm – The Local

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